There are many interesting political narratives to be explored in this predictably contentious US election. Pollsters once again proved to be entirely out of touch with the American public and some 70 million people voted for the man the media has spent four years treating as a hostile agent. And…

Prime Minister Ardern at the second Leader’s Debate

Which human rights count, Prime Minister?

You stood on the debating stage and shrugged as you dismissed rights enshrined in our Human Rights Act.

Whose comfort counts, Prime Minister?

You said everyone should use the bathroom they are comfortable in, but what happens when one person’s comfort creates discomfort for…

The danger of woke politics is that the adamant self-righteousness that accompanies it blinds people to the weaknesses of their ideology.

Following anti-woke declarations from both Winston Peters and Judith Collins, the most woke among us have lashed out on their usual stomping ground (Twitter) and in their characteristic fashion…

Ani O’Brien

Gender-critical lesbian radical feminist. Support me

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